3 Tips for Getting Smarter with Propane Installed Fire Pits

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How can you be sure you get the propane installation services you need for a successful fire pit you and your family can enjoy? These tips will help.
When it comes to a new fire pit, there are certain propane installation services you should expect from your service provider. This isn’t a task you can trust with just anyone who knows a few things about fire pits. You want to ensure safety and longevity of use, so it’s important to turn to the pros. Here are three expert tips for getting smarter with propane installed fire pits:

#1: Choose Experience

While many businesses may state that they provide installation services for propane fire pits, not all of them have experience handling the task. Go ahead and interview your potential provider before you hire them for the job. Ask how many propane fire pits they have installed. Ask for references. A project well done the first time is well worth the effort up front. The right provider will be able to offer you references and testimonials from other customers who are happy with their new fire pit.

#2: Understand the Propane Installation Process

So many customers sit back and trust someone will get the job done right. Why not take the extra step to understand the process for installation? This can only help you to be in-the-know and able to ask the right questions to ensure you get the most professional job possible. Want to know the basics of the installation process? Here are the highlights of what you can expect from this service:
  • Delivery and setting of the propane tank in a safe area
  • Installation of the gas line if necessary from tank to pit
  • Testing of the propane system
  • Hook-up of the fire pit to the propane tank
  • Lighting of pilot lights if necessary
  • Filling up the tank once the installation job is complete

#3 Consider Underground Installation for Your Propane Tank

For some homeowners, an underground tank is ideal. Ask your service provider if this is an option they offer. They should be able to walk you through the steps of the process and answer any questions you may have.

Our Team at Dependable Service Is Here to Help with Propane Fire Pits

Are you still exploring your options for propane installation services for your fire pit? Our experts at Dependable Service would love the chance to answer your questions. We have the skills and experience you can count on to install the fire pit you desire. Connect with us online now to learn more.

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