3 Plumbing Habits of Savvy Landlords

landlord plumbing

Being a landlord brings a lot of responsibility, and a big part of that responsibility lies in taking care of your property's plumbing for your tenants. If the plumbing on your property isn't functioning correctly, you can be sure you're going to hear about it. Here are a couple of habits that will help keep your property's plumbing in good shape and keep your tenants happy:

1. Keep An Eye On the Drains

Your tenants are putting heavy usage on your drains, continually washing soap, dirt, filth, and other substances down your pipes that have the potential to clog up. Find and use a product that can safely clear out your pipes before it becomes a bigger problem or schedule annual maintenance. It will lead to less calls from annoyed tenants!

2. Know How to Handle an Emergency

Hypothetical situation: A pipe bursts on your property. Do you know where the water shutoff valve is? Knowing this can help prevent extensive water damage to the property, and keep your tenants' homes from filling up with water. From there, have a reliable plumber onhand to contact as soon as you have the situation under control. A loyalty agreement with Dependable Service Plumbing would take care of this!

3. Regularly Check the Garbage Disposals

If you have garbage disposals on your property, chances are your tenants are going to put things down it you can't even imagine. Get ahead of any drainage problems related to garbage disposals by regularly checking them. Ensure that the washer drain hoses are unimpeded, and check the washer valves for signs of wear and tear. Always unplug the garbage disposal unit before making any checks or repairs.

Even the most vigilant landlord will need to call on a plumber at some point. For those dealing with a clogged toilet in the Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island areas of South Carolina, contact Dependable Service Plumbing online or at (843)353-0461 today to discuss how to best fix any plumbing problems you are having.


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