Professional Plumber or Handyman?

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When you have a plumbing need, you may wonder if it really requires a professional plumber or if you can get by with the services of a handyman. In today’s cost-conscious world, it’s a fair question. However, the answer is deeper than simply the cost of the trip charge. Here are just a few considerations to keep in mind when you have a plumbing need.

Training and Experience
A handyman is known for being a “jack of all trades”, though the rest of that designation is “master of none”. While a handyman may have some level of plumbing knowledge or experience, by the very nature of the title, they know a little bit about a lot of different things – kind of like a general family doctor might. Whereas a professional plumber goes through an extensive training and apprenticeship program lasting several years. In order to work on their own, plumbers are required to pass a state-issued exam and be licensed and bonded to protect homeowners from liability. Professional plumbers know a lot about a very specific thing – kind of like a specialist physician might. A handyman has no requirement to attain any level of training or experience with plumbing, which is why many states limit the plumbing-related work handymen are legally allowed to do.

Building Codes
State and municipal building codes can be complex in general. When it comes to building codes for plumbing, there is very little room for error. And local building codes can vary from municipality to municipality. Adding to the issue, codes are frequently updated as new building materials or changing conditions in an area warrant updates in the codes to ensure safety. Professional plumbers are required to complete continuing education to keep up on the latest building codes, as well as the newest equipment and technology. Learning is a career-long activity for plumbers. Handymen are not required to know (though many do, to be fair) because there is no monitoring or licensing requirement to guarantee their knowledge or expertise.

Homeowner Risk
Professional plumbers are required to be licensed and bonded, protecting the homeowner from liability. With a professional plumber doing the work, should an accident happen, not only is your home protected but so is the plumber himself. While many handymen do carry insurance to protect homeowners, many states do not require it and therefore, many don’t. In a worst case scenario, if a handyman is injured performing the work for your plumbing need and does not carry the appropriate insurance, your homeowner’s insurance could end up taking the hit.

When it comes to plumbing work, taking chances on a handyman can cost far more in the long run than hiring a professional plumber from the start. Save the tasks of hanging shelves or cleaning gutters for the handyman, and protect yourself and your home by calling a professional at DS Plumbing for any plumbing needs you have!

customer review

“Dependable Service Plumbing & Air sent a pressure washing company out to clean my entire driveway, when only three small spots were unintentionally put on the corner of my driveway when my neighbor was having a replacement water heater installed. Tommy, the owner of Dependable Service Plumbing & Air, came out to look at my driveway right away, and he had Winston out to clean not only the spots off, but my entire driveway, including my front porch. Winston was very professional, as he explained the difference in concrete between my driveway and my front porch. He also explained the reason for some bad rust stains that were there as a result of metal objects that were mixed into my driveway concrete by my builder. He did an excellent job on everything, and my driveway is now clean enough to have it coated with a light concrete paint (two coats) that I had already contracted out to have done. Caretaker Services Pressure Washing did such a good job of cleaning (about 2,200 lbs. pressure on my driveway & about 400 lbs on my front porch with a household cleaner first) that my coating contractor told me that what is left of my rust stains will all be covered over by the light colored paint. I am very pleased, as he gave me a great education along with a great cleaning job! Also, I will now use Dependable Service Plumbing & Air as my plumber for all my future plumbing needs, as they did a great job for my neighbor!” –-Bill B.