Signs Your Toilet Needs to Be Replaced that You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Is it time to consider a toilet replacement? Here are eight signs the answer is yes!

Of all the appliances in your home, your toilet has the dirtiest job by far. All too often, we ignore the red flags pointing to toilet trouble, and it can lead to a far messier situation. Here are eight signs your toilet may be in dire need of replacement:

1. Constant Clogs

Sometimes clogs are our fault, and sometimes it’s the toilet's fault. There are many reasons your commode might tend to clog easily- and they are all strong indicators you should replace your toilet ASAP.

2. Cracking

An essential part of your toilet's job is not to leak. If puddles are forming around the base and you’ve replaced the gasket and tightened the bolts recently, you’ve got a problem. Cracked toilets allow wastewater to leak into your bathroom, which is a sanitary issue you can’t neglect.

3. Frequent Repairs

If you find your toilet requires frequent repair, the chances are good that it's time to consider a replacement instead of repair. By replacing it now rather than later, you will end up saving money--all of those repair costs add up over time, so the investment in a new toilet will make up for itself.

4. Outdated Model

Old fashioned toilets may seem quaint, but older designs are not as efficient as modern ones. Newer models use less water, are more comfortable, and… well, they’re cleaner.

5. Wiggly

If you’ve replaced the seal and tightened the screws, and your toilet is still wobbly- you’ve probably got rotten floors beneath. This calls for professional plumbing services.

6. Weak or Inefficient Flushes

If your toilet doesn’t have enough oomf to get the job done, or if your water bills are higher than they ought to be, a new water-efficient model is a good idea.

7. Surface Damage

If your toilet has a lot of nicks, scratches, stains, and other blemishes that don’t wipe away- that’s a sanitary issue. Every imperfection in the surface offers refuge to germs and filth.

8. Mineral Deposits

Built-up mineral deposits can clog inlet holes and the siphon tube, making your toilet less efficient. You may be able to clear away some of these, but most will remain hidden and beyond your reach.

If you are concerned about the state of your toilet, it’s time to get in touch with our team of plumbing experts at Dependable Service Plumbing and Air. Connect with us online now or call 843.353.0461 to schedule service.

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