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Why Might I Need A Shower Head Filter?

According to Wellness Mama, a blog for families that offers natural and helpful wellness tips for home and family, these are the five reasons the author states why she always uses and recommends a shower head filter:

  1. We absorb more chlorine from showers than we do from drinking tap water
  2. Shower water releases chemicals into the air in the home
  3. Chemicals present in shower water are linked to cancer and other health problems
  4. Chemicals in the shower can irritate skin and the skin microbiome
  5. Chloramines (a mixture of Chlorine and Ammonia) are more harmful than chlorine

Further benefits from using a shower head filter include escaping harmful bacteria that resides in the showerhead itself, looking younger and saving money, and possibly diverting a cause of asthma and allergies from chlorine inhalation. (Source: http://www.criticalcactus.com/shower-head-water-filter-benefits/)

If you would like to experience the benefits of a shower head filter, you can find many sources online to compare and contrast features and prices, such as WaterFilterComparisons.com. Most range from $30 to $79. We found huge selections of shower filters in most of the big box stores (Lowes, Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond), on Amazon, and on sites that specialize in just filters of all types.

People are constantly exposed to toxins in our everyday environments, and if that exposure can be quelled in even slight measure by adding an affordable shower head filter, it seems it certainly can’t hurt and might even prevent an array of health problems.

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