Why Spring Brings Slow Drains and Clogged Pipes

Plumbing Leaks

The right plumbing services can help you to solve problems with slow drains and clogged pipes this spring.

The changing seasons often bring with them a new need for expert plumbing services. Come spring, you may notice some strange behavior coming from the drains throughout your home. Most of the time we just hope they will go away, and sometimes they do. But the changes in the soil between the winter and spring seasons can also mean big trouble for your pipes and drains.

Tree Root Springtime Growth Spurts

We love to see the trees turn green again in the springtime. But along with the new leaves comes a significant uptick in the growth rate of the root systems of trees. Underground roots can damage pipes and other things all year long, but in the spring sudden changes in the performance of drains are a common complaint. When roots grow in or around drain pipes, professional plumbing services become a necessity.

Heavy Rain

Along with accelerated root growth, spring rains also cause significant disruptions to your drain pipes. These changes can cause pipes to break and become clogged. Settling rocks and soils also clear the way for faster growth of problematic root systems around your home. When this happens, you may see unexpected backflows into lower drains in your home. If the problem isn’t taken care of quickly, it will extend to other drains in the house.

Signs of Clogs

Strange gurgling sounds, slow draining, and rising water are some of the most common symptoms of a clogged drainpipe. If the problem goes on too long, it can result in bad smells, mold, and vermin infestations. All of these signs tell you that a pipe is either severely clogged, broken or both.

4. Outdated Model

At Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, we know just how disruptive these springtime drain problems can be. Get in touch today to learn more, and find out how our team of plumbing services experts can fix or prevent a plumbing emergency this season.

customer review

“Senior technician, Joe Anderson, made plumbing repairs to an upstairs bathtub to seal leaks from flooding through kitchen ceiling downstairs. This has been an ongoing serious daily problem in this apartment since April 2015. Mr. Anderson was the first person to have a camera system with him to assess areas where water was accessing kitchen ceiling. He explained in detail what he did and what he found wrong. Water had been flowing from next door apartment whenever they used their shower for over a year now. Mr. Anderson stated he needed to get permission from apartment management office in order to proceed to correct issues in next door apartment. Management has not allowed that access yet. He also noted that a single shower curtain in the apartment next door was on the outside of that tub and felt that could be creating some of the flooding issues. Thank you Mr. Anderson for being my angel and making these repairs.” –-Lyda G.