New look, same great people.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve
changed our name and look from DS Plumbing
to Dependable Service Plumbing.



Hard water is a common water-related plumbing issue in Myrtle Beach commercial and residential plumbing systems.  Hard water is water that has a higher mineral content than what is considered “soft water.”  While not necessarily a health threat, hard water may cause itchiness and dry skin after showering.  Hard water is also known to result in the premature failure of your plumbing fixtures.

Common Signs of Hard Water

If you are unsure as to whether or not your home or business has hard or soft water, here is a sampling of some tell-tale signs:

  • No lather when using soap or shampoo
  • Spots on glass shower doors
  • Foul smelling water
  • Red tinged water
  • Dry or itchy skin after bathing
  • Reduced shower head water pressure
  • Deposits on or around fixtures, clothing, and dishes/dishwashers

Hard water is an inconvenience that may unfortunately lead to greater, more frequent plumbing problems down the line, so we recommend managing the problem as soon as possible.


“DS Plumbing has proven to be a dependable and valuable resource to the Pawleys Island Community. Teach My People serves over 100 students on a daily basis, so one can imagine the maintenance needs on our building. DS Plumbing has gone above and beyond our expectations every time! They are respectable, trustworthy, efficient, and ensure that the task at hand is done with the utmost quality and care. Recently, we were most impressed with their genuine servant’s heart for our community. DS Plumbing heard of a community work project that was in great need with little time. They quickly agreed to help, and within three days they had donated time, resources, labor and expertise to help renovate an entire plumbing system for a local home. Teach My People is grateful and blessed for the attention and care that DS invests in their clients and our community!” –-Jessica, Teach My People