3 Garbage Disposal Mistakes You Might Be Unaware You’re Making

3 Garbage Disposal Mistakes You Might Be Unaware You’re Making

How long should a garbage disposal last? Prevent an early breakdown by avoiding these mistakes.

A garbage disposal is a must-have for many busy families, but how do you ensure your unit keeps running strong long-term? You can start by installing a reliable model from a trustworthy brand. Unfortunately, the best of the best equipment isn’t foolproof.

Here are three mistakes that will trash your garbage disposal in no time:

1. Running Your Disposal Dry

It’s important to run the water while operating your garbage disposal. This helps flush bits of food and grime down into the pipes. It also provides the lubrication necessary to reduce operational resistance.

2. Disposing of Fibrous Foods

Any stringy type of food – from celery to green onions – should go in the compost bin. When put down the drain, they become one of the most common causes of disposal burn-out. The stringy fibers wrap themselves around the blade and stop it while the motor keeps running. You can disconnect the power and attempt to dislodge the fibers, but oftentimes the damage is severe enough to require a replacement.

3. Making Demands Too Big for Your Disposal to Handle

Garbage disposals were never meant to chop up ice cubes or raw carrots, but many homeowners force bulky items down the disposal all the same. These big items overpower disposal blades, leading to bends, breaks and motor burn-outs. Remember, the disposal is not a replacement for the trash.

Want to learn more about the proper use and care of a garbage disposal? Get in touch with our team at Dependable Service Plumbing & Air, where we don’t just install the best products. We also help you maintain them.

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