3 Tips for Increasing Your Heat Pumps Potential


Your Heat Pump is Designed to Keep you Warm and Cool, but Do You Know How to Maximize It’s Potential?

Heat pumps provide you with warmth in the winter months and cool comfortable temperatures in the summer months.  Knowing how you can help maximize your Heat Pump’s potential can save you money and help with the efficiency of your system.  Learn what you can do to impact your home and your comfort. 


Ensuring your house is properly insulated can have a very large impact on your heat pump.  Attics that have inadequate insulation allow more heat to penetrate your house during the summer and more heat loss during the winter.  Ensuring your attic and house is properly insulated can save you money and extra wear and tear on your heat pump.  

Window and Doors

Many houses lose up to 40% of air conditioned and heated air from windows and doors.  It is important to check all your windows and doors to ensure they do not have gaps or holes including the weather stripping around them.  Properly sealing your windows and doors can help with the overall energy efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Radiant Heat Barrier

During the hot South Carolina summers, the heat that builds up in the attic can be extreme.  If you add a radiant heat barrier to the underside of your roof, you can help reduce the temperature in the attic.  Radiant barriers help to reflect the suns powerful rays instead of allowing them to penetrate the roof. 

house wrapped up in scarves and hats staying warm in the winter

Keeping you warm

If you are interested in learning more about how you can improve the efficiency of your heat pump or more about newer more efficient models, contact the Pros at Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, 843-353-0461.  Our qualified HVAC technicians will be happy to discuss options with you!

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