3 Water Filtration Dos and Don’ts for Clean and Tasty Water

3 Water Filtration Dos and Don’ts for Clean and Tasty Water

Water filtration is a hot topic in and around Myrtle Beach. There’s been so much chatter over the quality of beach water, many homeowners are beginning to wonder about the quality of the water coming out of the pipes. Put your mind to ease with these simple tips for clean and tasty water:

1. Do Install a Whole Home System

Consumers are most familiar with pitcher filters responsible for cleaning drinking water. These units include a carbon filter you have to change every 3 months or so that clean a relatively small amount of water at a time. While this is a good solution for families who want to improve the taste of their water, it leaves other problems in place. Water odors, for instance, can stick to hair and clothes or leave foods cooked in tap water with a poor taste. A whole home system avoids these issues completely. The water stays fresh and odor-free and doesn’t take up space in the fridge.

2. Don’t Settle for Just a Carbon Filter

For the most part, whether it’s fitted to your sink or a pitcher, consumer-grade carbon filters improve the palatability of water, not the quality or safety of the water. They’re adept at making water look, smell, and taste better, but don’t actively remove contaminants as well as other types of water filters.

3. Do Protect Your Health and Your Home

At Dependable Service Plumbing, we work with brands we trust to perform their best. Our go-to supplier is Halo Systems, an NSF-certified water filtration device manufacturer. With over 50 years of experience, the company has developed a comprehensive system incorporating several methods for cleaning water, including Halo ION Protection. This prevents scaling and buildup responsible for shortening the life of home appliances and plumbing.

Water filtration helps keep you healthy and safe while also improving your quality of life. Connect with one of our Dependable Service representatives today about the best choices for your budget. We are happy to go over your best options with you.

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