Air-Ducts Need Cleaning Too!


It’s Spring Time, and Spring Cleaning should include Duct Cleaning

We spring clean our house to get rid of all the germs, dust, and dirt that accumulated during the winter but what about our ductwork?  Should we have our air ducts cleaned?  Yes, it is amazing what accumulates in your air ducts. Up to 40lbs of dirt can accumulate each year, leaving you imagining what else could be building up in them.    

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaned

Your air ducts and duct work are often forgotten.  Depending what is growing inside them or accumulating in them, your overall health and your home’s health could be affected.  There are several signs your ductwork is telling you to “clean me”, you just have to pay attention to them:

  • Return air registers – if you see dust buildup around the registers, especially thick dust, it may be time to clean your duct work
  • Vent Covers – take one of your vent covers off and look inside, if you see dirt, mold or any other material it may be time to clean your ducts
  • Air Filters – replace the air filter, if the air filter is clogged and completely full, your system was not getting the proper airflow and this is a clear indicator there is a lot of dust, dirt, etc. in the ductwork and a proper cleaning is probably needed
  • Air Handler – Check the air handler, if the handler is full of dust, dirt, mold, etc. it is a good indicator that there is build-up of materials in your ductwork and it should be cleaned

Benefits to Having Your Ductwork Cleaned

While you tend to deep clean your house every spring, your ductwork normally does not need cleaned each and every year.  You should however have them inspected each year and from time to time have them cleaned.  There are several benefits to having your ductwork cleaned. The following are benefits to you and your home:

  • Helps ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently
  • Reduces the wear and tear on your HVAC system
  • Reduces the risk of dust, dirt, debris, etc. from accumulating in your ductwork and your house
  • Can help reduce allergens in a home

 Are you thinking about having your ducts cleaned?

If you are interested in having your ductwork cleaned, contact us today, 843-353-0461.  Our HVAC Technicians can clean your ducts with our special equipment, helping to reduce the dirt and debris, providing you with peace of mind that your ducts are as clean as the rest of your house!

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“I’ve used this company 3 times now, for 3 different problems and was completely satisfied each time, which is really something to say around here. Today they installed a kitchen faucet and replaced an outside hose bib which seemed to be frozen and we couldn’t get it to move. They are highly professional, answering their phones promptly and setting up an agreeable time. They were ON TIME each of the 3 times, worked efficiently, covered their shoes with protective booties, and let me charge it with Visa. The receipt with all the services performed (including any pictures that were taken) was then sent to my email. Great company.” –- Kathy D.

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