2 Things You Didn’t Know Are Shortening the Life of Your Commercial Plumbing

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You may be surprised to learn about these plumbing problems that can lead to a major plumbing disaster. Keep reading for the warning signs from plumbing services experts.

For most business owners, plumbing services don’t really cross their minds all that much. After all, they are busy dealing with more urgent issues—like employee sick days, unhappy clients, and making sure they are making and not losing money this month. Sound familiar?

While you may have a lot on your plate, it’s important to know about two factors that may be shortening the life of your commercial plumbing. Don’t wait for a serious disaster to give your plumbing system the attention it deserves!

Watch for these two issues, and make sure you have the expert commercial services in place to handle whatever your plumbing may face.


Ever heard of these? Probably not since they are silent! A silent leak typically happens when a pipe behind a wall or under the floor in your business drips without really making any noises or obvious messes. The leak can go on and on and on—wasting as much as thousands of gallons of water per year and taking water bills through the roof.

Plus, this continuous dripping of water can lead to pipe corrosion and structural damage to your business. Knowing what to look for is half the battle, but you can catch the issue and stop it right away with expert plumbing services on your side. The experts know what to look for and how to provide the necessary repairs—even for silent leaks.


The sewer line isn’t something you think of as a business owner. That is, until you can no longer avoid it. In many cases, a damaged line that goes unchecked has the potential to shut down your business, minimizing or eliminating your productivity and profits. By having the right plumbing professionals working for you, you’ll be able to repair sewer line problems before they become major issues that ruin your plumbing or close down your business.

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