3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Water Heater

A woman in the shower shocked by cold water

On the list of unpleasant things in life, stepping into the shower to find freezing cold water in place of a nice hot shower is definitely close to the top. Getting cold or even too hot water is one of the most obvious signs that something is wrong with your water heater, but there are other noticeable signs you can look out for.


Rusty water coming out of the heater does not always mean there is something wrong with it, but it is worth checking. Rusty pipes can be the result of this, but if your heater is rusting from the inside out you might start experiencing leaking. Try draining the water from the heater with a bucket. If you are still getting rusty water by the third and fourth buckets, the problem is probably with your water heater.


Metal tends to expand when hot, and even the smallest cracks can result in leakage. The leakage might reduce or stop completely when the metal cools down, but the problem still exists. If there is water pooling around your water heater, you need to check it even if you can’t find the source of the leak. Mop the pooling water dry and check back the next day to see if it has happened again or not.


Water heaters can be durable, but they don’t last forever. If yours has lasted a really long time, you should check it out and consider replacement or an upgrade.

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