Back to School Water Saving Tips

Water dripping from a faucet

Summer holidays are over and kids are back in school. More things happening means more showers, more dishes, and more laundry. Along with establishing new daily routines like meals, bedtime, and after school activities and how to distribute household chores, you are probably also thinking about how you can save water. Here are a few back-to-school water-saving tips that will help you cut down on the amount of water your family is using.


You can limit the time your kids spend in the shower by setting a timer. If you have multiple family members all taking a shower every day, try limiting the time for each person to ten minutes. You may also want to consider upgrading your showerhead for a more high-efficiency model that will help increase water savings.


You can save water by reusing towels. Instead of throwing a damp towel into the wash after each use, hang them to dry and re-use them tomorrow. Encourage your kids to adopt this practice by buying individual rods or hooks for each person to hang towels in the bathroom.


In many cases, you lose water because your plumbing is not functioning properly. Check whether the toilet is flushing in a single flush and whether there are any leaks in your toilets or sinks. Additionally, inspect whether the connectors, hoses, and outdoor drip systems have leaks. Always keep in mind that a drip each second amounts to five gallons a day. Fix minor issues quickly to prevent bigger problems later.


When brushing your teeth, lathering your hair, or soaping your hands, try turning the water off. Turning the water off when brushing can save you 4 gallons a minute. This amounts to 200 gallons a week.

With simple adjustments to your daily water spending habits, you can start conserving water today. For more information on water-saving tips, contact the experts at Dependable Service today!