Restaurant Plumbing Problems

a kitchen in a restaurant--there are ovens, grills, and pots and pans Whether you are looking to start your first restaurant or you’ve just opened your fifteenth, having a top-notch plumbing resource that understands the unique conditions and abuses restaurant plumbing handles on a daily basis is a must! One of the few problems that can shut down a restaurant in short order is plumbing problems. Here are some of the worst offenders that may be lurking in your drains.

Grease “ If there is anyone offender bigger and better than the rest, it’s grease! Any kind of fat, cooking oil, butter, dressing, or sauce has the potential to create a major headache. Oils and fats solidify as they cool so even if they happen to be liquid when they go into the drain, as they travel through the pipes they solidify and harden. The hardened fats create deposits that food and other debris cling to and eventually build up enough to stop the drain completely. No matter how well you train your dishwashers to NEVER put any kind of oils or fats in the drains, in a restaurant, some will always sneak down there. How to beat the grease? Have your grease traps cleaned frequently? Usually more often than required by local regulations. In addition, every few weeks, treat your drains with an enzyme-based drain cleaner specially formulated to attack and break up grease.

Silverware “While the grease may steal the show, silverware is another cause of plumbing mayhem in your restaurant. Even the most careful dishwashers can lose a fork or knife here and there down the drain. Silverware can’t flex and make it out to the sewers so it finds a nice cozy spot in your plumbing to get stuck and start collecting passing debris until you have a major crisis brewing. While good training helps, there are also options for permanently installed drain covers that can prevent silverware from taking an unintended trip down into your drains.

General Debris “ General debris includes everything from food waste, plastic straws, rubber gloves, shards of broken dishes and plastic or paper waste from tables. This debris can not only cause clogs and drain back-ups but it can partner up with silverware and grease to make a bad situation much worse. Employee training is key! Dishwashers should be trained to never put any food waste, other waste from tables like napkins, or anything else down the drain. All dishes and cookware should be thoroughly scraped clean into the trash to minimize any solid materials going into the drain. Check-in frequently to make sure proper disposal prior to washing is being followed.

No matter how watchful you and your employees are, you may not escape the occasional restaurant plumbing nightmare. And that is when you call-in your local restaurant plumbing expert, like the professionals at Dependable Service Plumbing.