Is Your HVAC System Protected From a Brownout?

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You Protect Your TV, Computer and Other Electronics With Surge Protectors but Have You Protected Your HVAC System?

44% of Americans have experienced a brownout (loss of power) throughout the year.  This could be due to overloads in the electrical system which causes a brownout to happen.  Weather-related brownouts often times happen due to powerful storms.  Our power systems and grids are getting older in many cases and this can also lead to a disruption of service.  Every time there is a Brownout and your system is not protected, you are taking a risk!    


By installing a Surge Protector on your HVAC system, you can protect your investment from brownouts.  Your condenser, air handler, and thermostat are at risk of prematurely failing if you do not have a surge protector installed.  One simple product protects compressors, circuit boards and can save you thousands of dollars on replacements. 


In order to protect your entire HVAC system, you will need to have a surge protector installed on your Condenser unit that is outside and your air handler which normally is in the garage, attic, or in a closet.  The thermostat is wired into the same circuit as your condenser and air handler which means it is protected too!

Don’t be left Unprotected

Do not be one of the 86% of homeowners at risk for incurring thousands of dollars in replacement costs because your HVAC system is not protected when the next brownout happens.  There is a simple fix that will leave you protected when the power surges or goes out. Contact the pros at Dependable Service Plumbing & Air today to set up an appointment today, 843-627-2337.