What You Should & Should Not Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

What to Not Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

During the holiday season, most garbage disposals work overtime due to holiday parties and family gatherings, all involving holiday meals.  Often times, items end up going into a garbage disposal that shouldn’t, causing the disposal to become jammed or broken.  Learning what not to put in there can save you. 

How to Properly Care for Your Garbage Disposal

  • Run cold water when using the disposal, this helps fats to coagulate, helping to grind them up instead of sticking to your pipes
  • You can run hot water down the drains, in between use, to flush them
  • Check the disposal for items that may have fallen into it; silverware, shells, small items laying around
  • Grind lemon and orange peels from time to time, this helps the blades and provides a fresh, clean smell
  • If the disposal is jammed or something sounds like it is not grinding, turn off the power and use tongs to retrieve the item. 

Food scraps being put down the garbage disposal. The sink is black and the water is running.

Items to Avoid Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal

  • Grind anything other than food scraps
  • Put coffee grounds, pasta, rice, potato peels, or other starchy items in the disposal;  all of these items can accumulate in your plumbing and cause clogs
  • Place eggshells, banana peels, celery, or other fibrous items into the disposal;  these items can wrap around the blades causing the disposal to jam and can lead to the unit failing
  • Put anything comprised of metal, glass, wood, bone or, seashells down the disposal as they will dull the blades and can jam the disposal

Help Is Always Available

Garbage disposals are typically a worry-free appliance. But during the holiday season, they tend to be used a lot more and all kinds of things end up going down them. 

If you find your disposal is leaking, jammed, clogged, or not turning on, call the pros at Dependable Service.  Our Myrtle Beach garbage disposal specialists will be able to resolve any problem you may have. Reach us today at (843) 627-2337 or contact us online.