Why You Should Clean Your Ducts in the Fall

Do You Know What Is Inside Your Ductwork? Most People Do Not Know the Answer to That Question.

Most people do not think about having their ductwork cleaned during the fall, but this is a perfect time. Up to 40 lbs. of dust, pet dander, contaminants, and other materials can collect in your ductwork throughout the year.  In addition, your air ducts can have mold and bacteria growing in them. 

Fall is a great time to get your ducts cleaned as the heating season is almost here.  See below for more information on the benefits of having your ductwork cleaned in the fall by the pros at Dependable Service:Dust and airborne particles in a beam of light coming through the window


It’s amazing to think about how much dust can accumulate in your ducts throughout the year.  Actually, up to 40lbs a year can accumulate in your ductwork.  Some of the dust recirculates through your home when the HVAC system is working, and the air blows over the dust in the ducts and vents. Air filters will catch some of the dust, but some will still end up in your house. Reduce the dust in your house and ductwork by having them cleaned.


Ductwork with built up pollutants and contaminants coating its walls next to an example of clean ductworkThe more dust, pet dander, mold, and contaminants that are in your ductwork, the more there will be to circulate in your house. If you or anyone in your family has allergies or respiratory problems, all of that dust and contaminates can lead to an increase in symptoms. This can be especially true if you or a family member has fall allergies Cleaning your air ducts will help reduce the irritants floating in your house. 


Dust and contaminate accumulation can stress your HVAC system, causing it to work harder to bring your house to the desired temperature. If you notice your system running more than usual, dirty ductwork could be to blame.  It is best to have ductwork checked by a professional to ensure your system is running properly. 


Have you noticed a burning smell when your heat turns on, or has your house been smelling less than fresh lately?  Have you noticed dirty spots or dust on your registers and vents?  These are all signs that you could have dust and contaminants, including mold, mildew, pet hair, pet dander, and VOC (volatile organic compounds) building up in you ducts.  If your house does not smell like it should, your ducts could be the problem.  Call on the pros at Dependable Service Plumbing & Air to help clean them out.  Connect with us online now to schedule service.