Do You Know How Your Toilet Functions?

Gloved hands adjusting the lever in a toilet tank


How many times is your toilet used in a day’s time?  Most people do not think about the components used to make your toilet properly function until there is a problem with them.  There are several key components that wear over time and often need to be replaced every couple of years. Let’s take a look at some of these components.


While the tank lever is oftentimes overlooked, it is the first component that is used to actually make your toilet flush.  Tank levers become worn out or broken and need to be replaced.  This is one item where you have many different options. You can pick a color and style that matches the other fixtures in your bathroom.


Flush valves can be found inside your toilet tank and is the item that moves water from your tank to the bowl, causing the toilet to actually flush.  They are activated by the tank lever and there are a variety of different flush valves in the market.  Each toilet requires a specific flush valve to work properly.  Not all flush valves can be used with each toilet and most flush valves need to be replaced every 5 years or sooner. 

A Dependable Service plumber wearing gloves adjusting the flapper in a toilet tank

Flappers are typically made from rubber and function as a seal between the toilet tank and toilet bowl.  When the flapper is activated from the flush valve, it allows water to flow between the toilet tank and the bowl.  Lifting the flapper is what initiates the flush cycle.  There are a variety of different styles and sizes, each toilet requires a different flapper and due to the product material flappers normally need to replace every 3 to 5 years.    

When to Seek Professional Help

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