Indoor Air Quality Can Impact Your Home & You!

How an Air Purifier Can Help Reduce the Risk of Getting Sick

We do not often think about the air quality in our home or realize what is in the air throughout our house.  The reality can be scary to think about, especially during the winter months when viruses tend to spread quicker throughout families.  Having a Reme Halo Whole Home Air Purification System installed can help reduce the chance of getting and spreading illnesses. 

In addition, the Reme Halo provides you with the following benefits: 

  • Kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses
  • Reduces sneeze germs by 99% in the time a sneeze can reach three feet
  • New zinc ions kill 99% of viruses on surfaces
  • Dual ionizers reduce airborne particulates (dust, dander, pollen, mold spores, etc.)
  • Provides whole-home and building purification

A blonde boy is sneezing against a black backdrop. He is wearing a yellow shirt. You can see the dust and airborne particles around him.

How the Reme Halo Whole Home Air Purification System Works

The Reme Halo is installed into your HVAC system, where mold, bacteria, and viruses like to hang out, protecting you from things a filter cannot.  When the HVAC system is operating, the Reme Halo creates advanced oxidation plasma consisting of Ionized Hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions, and hydroxide ions.  All of these oxidizers are sent into your home's air, oxidizes the pollutant and reverts back to oxygen and hydrogen making them safe for you and your home. 

A man wearing a light blue shirt and woman are relaxing on the couch. In the air are blue illustrations of airborne particles.

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