Benefits to a Higher SEER HVAC System

Understanding Why You May Want To Upgrade To A Higher SEER Air Conditioning SystemA heat pump

When it comes time to replace your air conditioning system, which one do you choose? There are so many different options today, from a large selection of brands to a variety of SEER options. The SEER rating is just a number, right? Well not really, the SEER number really does mean something and you and your home can benefit from a higher SEER rated system.

SEER Rating – What is It?

SEER ratio is the maximum efficiency rating for HVAC systems. SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or also known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. This rating (number assigned to a unit) is the ratio of the cooling output of an air conditioner over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it uses in Watt-Hours. This is calculated over an entire cooling season, using a constant indoor temperature, while adjusting the outdoor temperature to range from 60° degrees to 100° plus. Typically, the higher the number the more efficient the unit.

How higher SEER Ratings can be achieved

Higher SEER ratings are reached through having a variable speed compressor and fan motors. One of the most important features of your unit is the compressor. Acting as the heart of your unit, the compressor circulates the refrigerant necessary for heat exchange through the coils of the indoor and outdoor unit.

Compressors come in various forms to fulfill multiple needs:

  • 1-Speed Compressor: runs at the same constant speed while the unit is on
  • 3-Speed Compressor: will vary between its 3 speeds adjusting to the temperature and humidity in the house to meet your needs
  • Variable Speed Compressor: will adjust specifically to the needs of the house, varying its speeds as the set air temperature is reached.

All compressors are effective but the Variable Speed is optimal for temperature output and energy savings, providing you maximum comfort and low costs. Think of it this way, do you want your heart to run at its fastest rate all day or adjust to your needs and the work you’re performing?

Benefits to a Higher SEER Rated HVAC System

Having a higher SEER rated air conditioning system installed with the proper variable speed compressor can provide you the following benefits:

  • Energy savings – the system will run more efficiently, using less powerA Dependable Service HVAC Technician is showing two customers information on a tablet while they sit at a kitchen table
  • Precise Temperature – the modulating technology makes it easier to keep your house at a specific temperature
  • Greater humidity control – variable speed compressor helps to keep your humidity levels lower in your house
  • Quieter function – due to the lower speeds being run throughout the day, the unit streamlines airflow, reducing vibrations

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