Fireplace Season will be Arriving Soon, Is Your Fireplace Ready?

  • Fall temperatures have begun to arrive in South Carolina which means now is the time to enjoy your outdoor firepits, fireplaces, and prepare your indoor fireplaces for the upcoming winter months
  • Preparing your gas fireplace before you start it
    • Clean the inside – remove dust with canned air or dusting clothes, be careful if using a vacuum not to suck up the rocks or glass beads (you can also wash the rocks and beads but let them thoroughly dry before putting them back)
    • Clean your blower – ensure it is free of dust, etc.
    • Visual inspection – pilot light, make sure there is no signs of obvious damage
    • If you have an outdoor vent, make sure it is free of debris and plant material, etc. so it is not blocked and can properly vent
  • If you have any concerns regarding your fireplace, outdoor firepits/fireplaces, give us a call we can complete a thorough inspection and help keep you warm in the coolest days.