What is Indoor Air Quality and How Can You Improve Your Air?

What is Indoor Air Quality

  • Air quality in and around a home or business
  • It is the air you breath in while you are inside a structure
  • Quality of air has been linked to health and your comfort
  • Air can include sick building syndromes and lead to health concerns for those who breath in poor air
  • Can impact your overall health and increase risks associated with mold, dust, allergens and viruses
  • Depending on your health, poor air quality can impact your long-term health

How you can improve your air quality in your home?

  • Many different solutions that can impact your home’s or businesses air quality
  • Duct cleaning – removing the dust, dirt, debris from your ductwork – can accumulate up to 40lbs. of dust a year
  • Have an indoor air purification device installed
    • Systems that are installed in your air handle and run when your HVAC unit is running. They can purify your air throughout the entire building
  • Portable units that can be used in specific rooms, smaller houses, apartments, condos, businesses
    • These units are ideal for small rooms, campers, vehicles, etc.
    • They run all the time and you can adjust the setting for space and how much the fan is running
  • Commercial Units
    • Designed to be installed in commercial HVAC systems to purify the air in larger commercial settings

We are here to help and can help with any of these options.