Learn How to Properly Flush Your Water Heater

Flushing your Water Heater Each Year is Recommended, Why?A plumber flushing a water heater

Standard tank water heaters work more than you realize each day. Every time you demand hot water in your home, the tank fires up and creates hot water to replace what you used. This cycle is repeated over and over again. Depending on your water usage and the quality of your water, sediment can quickly build in your tank, causing your tank to fail prematurely. By properly flushing your tank each and every year, you can help reduce this risk.

How to Properly Flush your Water Heater

Your standard tank water heater typically houses 30 to 80 gallons of hot water. It is recommended that you properly flush your tank once a year to help improve the life of your tank. This is done by following these steps: A Dependable Service plumber inspecting the outside of a water heater

  1. Locate your water heater
  2. Inspect the outside of your water heater, looking for any signs of rusting on the tank, valves or connections
  3. Turn off the power to the tank
  4. Turn off cold water feed into the heater by turning the valve to the off position
  5. Place a drain hose on the drain valve (valve is located at the bottom of the tank).
  6. Turn the valve to the open position and allow the water to flow until the tank is empty
  7. Turn the drain valve to the closed position
  8. Disconnect the hose from the drain valve
  9. Turn the cold-water feed valve to the open position
  10. Go to all fixtures in the home and run hot water until there is no more air coming from the fixture. Repeat this with each plumbing fixture in the home that has hot water.
  11. Turn the power back on to the water heater

Have concerns regarding your water heater?

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