Cold Weather can Affect Your Homes Plumbing System


Did you know that cold weather can cause plumbing issues in your house?

During the winter months, the cold weather can impact your homes plumbing system.  There are several problems that can arise during the winter months but these are all problems the professionals at Dependable Service Plumbing & Air can help you solve.    

Frozen Pipes

While it is rare for us in the South to have consecutive days and nights below freezing, we do occasionally get them.  If you have any pipes exposed to the outdoor elements or pipes that are not properly insulated, they could freeze during a cold snap.  If the weather is predicted to be cold for several days, it is best to turn off your outdoor plumbing and drain the lines.  By properly draining lines, you can help prevent a broken pipe.  Another way to prevent freezing pipes involves turning on your hot and cold to allow a very small drip to flow constantly, this helps to ensure the line does not freeze and break. 

Leaky Water Heater

Water Heater Failure

As the air temperature drops so does the ground temperature.  This causes the water flowing through the water mains underground to also cool off, resulting in cooler water coming into your house and water heater.  The colder water causes your water heater to work harder, putting it at risk for failing and leaving you with cold water.    

Clogged Drains

While the cold weather does not necessary increase your risk for clogged drains, the cold weather also welcomes in the Holiday season.  During the holidays the increased activity in your home with cooking more and having family and friends visit puts more demand on your plumbing.  Over time, the extra activity in your home can help clog your drains causing your plumbing to back up. 

Leaking Pipes

water coming out of busted pipe
Burst Pipe Repair

If you plumbing is older, it is more prone to splitting and developing holes.  During the winter, colder temperatures can lead to freezing pipes which when combined with older plumbing can cause pipes to burst or form leaks.  The leaks can cause damage to your home and overtime can become bigger, if not fixed when first noticed.  It is best to have a plumbing inspection once a year to try and help prevent leaks during the winter months. 

Winter Plumbing Issues Resolved

If you need help to resolve winter plumbing problems, contact the Pros at Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, 843-353-0461.  Our licensed plumbing technicians will be happy to help solve your issues immediately!

customer review

“Senior technician, Joe Anderson, made plumbing repairs to an upstairs bathtub to seal leaks from flooding through kitchen ceiling downstairs. This has been an ongoing serious daily problem in this apartment since April 2015. Mr. Anderson was the first person to have a camera system with him to assess areas where water was accessing kitchen ceiling. He explained in detail what he did and what he found wrong. Water had been flowing from next door apartment whenever they used their shower for over a year now. Mr. Anderson stated he needed to get permission from apartment management office in order to proceed to correct issues in next door apartment. Management has not allowed that access yet. He also noted that a single shower curtain in the apartment next door was on the outside of that tub and felt that could be creating some of the flooding issues. Thank you Mr. Anderson for being my angel and making these repairs.” –- Lyda G.

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