Do You Know How Your Heat Pump Works


Understanding the basics of your heat pump can help you understand what may be going on in your homes heating system.

Do you know what a Heat Pump is?  Heat pumps transfer heat between the air inside and outside a home.  They keep your house warm during the colder winter months.  There are 2 main components to a heat pump system, the outdoor unit (condenser) and the air handler, which is normally inside your home. 

Understanding what Heat Pumps Do

Most people believe heat pumps generate heated air but in reality, heat pumps move heat from one place to another.  In other words, heat pumps absorb heat energy from the outside air (even when it is cold) and transfers it to the indoor air. 

Outdoor Unit (condenser)

The outdoor unit or condenser contains the coils and fan.  During the heating season, the coils act as an evaporator, gathering heat and pressurizing it.  The fan forces the air over the coils causing the air to warm as it blows over them and facilitates the heat exchange. 

Air Handler

The air handler also contains coils and a fan.  The coils in the air handler act as a condenser during heating.  The air handler pushes warmed air throughout the ductwork and into your home, keeping you toasty during the winter. 

Keeping you warm


During the winter months, heat pumps work to keep you and your home nice and warm.  If your house is colder than it should be or you think your heat pump is not properly functioning, contact the Pros at Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, 843-353-0461.  Our qualified HVAC technicians will be happy to perform an inspection of your system, ensuring you stay nice and warm!

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