Homeowners with gas appliances or major systems need to ensure those gas lines are protected and in good working order. A gas leak, often hard to detect, can lead to serious risk of injury or death, especially if an explosion occurs. At Dependable Service, we provide comprehensive support and resources to help you with gas leak detection, gas line repair, and gas line installation. Also, if you suspect a gas leak, leave your home and call your fire department. Afterwards, give our team a call for fast results.

Comprehensive Gas Services in Myrtle Beach, SC

Dependable Service provides a variety of gas-related services to ensure your property has protection. These include:

Gas Line Installation: We obtain city and county permits and install gas lines in new construction and existing homes. As a licensed and experienced team, you can expect us to ensure a safe installation. We install gas lines in residential and commercial locations in Myrtle Beach, Conway, Pawley’s Island and surrounding areas. We have a formal inspection procedure and perform testing for efficiency and safety upon completion.

Gas Line Leak Detection: Our team is licensed to provide inspections and leak detection services. Nevertheless, if you have a gas leak, our team will arrive at your home or business, wear proper gas protective gear, and assess the problem for you. Furthermore, we recommend calling us immediately if you suspect even the smallest leak is present.

Gas Line Repair: The gas line to your home or business can degrade over time. Accidents can happen that damage the line. So, any type of exterior damage or corrosion to gas lines needs to be repaired. Our team handles comprehensive gas line repair and replacement as needed.



Gas stoves, ovens, and dryers need consistent maintenance and inspections to ensure they are operating safely. If you have a gas furnace or water heater, you also need to have these appliances inspected on an annual basis. Dependable Service can do that for you. We recommend to call us if:

  • An annual inspection of any appliance’s gas line (or your main gas lines).
  • You notice any damage to the exterior of the gas line. 
  • You need a new line installed for a new appliance. 
  • The gas line is no longer secure. 
  • You are moving an appliance and need a new gas line run. 

So, don’t try to do it yourself. Let our team handle your gas line needs for you.


Could you have a leak?

  • Do you have a rotten egg-like smell in your home? 
  • Is there a hissing or blowing sound near your gas lines? 
  • Do you smell gas? 

If so, get out of your home or business, and call us immediately for help. Dependable Service offers 24-hour, emergency help. Call 843-353-0461 for immediate help.

customer review

“Senior technician, Joe Anderson, made plumbing repairs to an upstairs bathtub to seal leaks from flooding through kitchen ceiling downstairs. This has been an ongoing serious daily problem in this apartment since April 2015. Mr. Anderson was the first person to have a camera system with him to assess areas where water was accessing kitchen ceiling. He explained in detail what he did and what he found wrong. Water had been flowing from next door apartment whenever they used their shower for over a year now. Mr. Anderson stated he needed to get permission from apartment management office in order to proceed to correct issues in next door apartment. Management has not allowed that access yet. He also noted that a single shower curtain in the apartment next door was on the outside of that tub and felt that could be creating some of the flooding issues. Thank you Mr. Anderson for being my angel and making these repairs.” –- Lyda G.

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