How Can Airflow Issues Impact Your AC in the Summer?


Do you have low airflow in a room or throughout your home?

Summer is coming and your air condition will be working overtime.  Do you have airflow issues that impact your system and your homes comfort?  Air flow issues can fool you and make it seem like your HVAC system is not working properly. The reality is you may have problems that are causing low air flow and making rooms hotter.  Let’s take a look at common airflow issues and how to fix them.

Dirty Filters and 4 or 5” Media Filters

When is the last time you changed you air filters?  Not sure? Now is the time to change them.  Dirty filters can restrict the air flowing through the system, which in turn can cause inadequate air being distributed throughout your house.  In addition, each system including ductwork is designed for a certain size air filter.  If you replace filters with 4” or 5” media filters, you can impede air, causing low air flow throughout your system and house.  Having the correct filter size and changing it monthly will allow for proper air flow circulation.     

Bent, Blocked or Crushed Ductwork

Ductwork is designed to run to specific parts of your house.  Each run is designed to deliver the right amount of airflow to the room it supplies air to.  If the ductwork has been crushed, bent or blocked, air flow will be reduced causing rooms to stay warm.  Depending on the type of the ductwork installed, if this is found to be a cause, the ductwork may need to be replaced. 

Ductwork leakage

Ductwork leakage

Department of Energy claims houses generally lose 20-30% of the air moving through the ductwork from the air handler to a room in the house.  This is often times due to holes in ductwork, improper seals or cracks.  Having a thorough inspection of your ductwork completed and resolving issues can help with your airflow. 

Undersized or Oversized Ductwork

Air moves throughout ductwork in your house from the condenser and air handler.  Having the proper sized ductwork is important because it can impact your overall comfort and airflow in your house.  Oversized ducts will reduce the air velocity, reducing the amount of air flowing into the room, causing rooms to be warmer.  In comparison, undersized ducts will cause excessive pressure near the air handler, causing the air to travel to the closest rooms while leaving the rooms furthest away to be warmer.  Having the right size ductwork impacts your system and your comfort.  If you think your ductwork may be oversized or undersized it is best to have a HVAC Professional complete a thorough inspection

Don’t let Airflow Issues Cause You to be Uncomfortable

Airflow Issues

If you suspect you have ductwork issues causing your hot or cold rooms, contact us today, 1-843-353-0461.  Our HVAC technicians will complete a thorough inspection of your system including ductwork, provide you with all their findings and give you solutions for fixing the problems.  Your comfort is our concern!

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“Our first experience with Dependable Service was even better than expected. Eric came (on time!) to our condo unit to repair a leaking toilet. It would not flush or fill properly. He quickly diagnosed the problem, gave us a detailed estimate, and replaced the items needed to do the job right. Highly recommend these guys. If Eric is available, I would ask for him.” –- Jerry M.

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