It’s Spring HVAC Maintenance Time!

spring HVAC

What should you do to prepare your system for the upcoming Heat of Summer?

Summer is coming and before too long it will be in the 90’s pushing a 100, will your air conditioner be ready for the heat?  Your HVAC system is like your car, the better you maintain your system the longer it will last while providing you with consistent comfort year around.  So, before summer comes, there are several things you can do to help ensure your system runs smoothly:   

Air Filters

When is the last time you changed you air filters?  Not sure? Now is the time to change them.  Dirty filters can cause your system to not run efficiently and it can cause the system to overheat triggering it to shut off. Changing your filters often, helps reduce the dirt and dust in your ductwork, system and house, while allowing your system to run efficiently and effectively.  

Clean Air Vent

Clean Return Air Vent Grill

While you are replacing the air filter, it is a good idea to clean your return air vent grill.  Dust and dirt build up as the air flows through your vents, ductwork and system.  The more you can remove from the grill, the less dirt and dust you will have flowing through your system.  Use a vacuum cleaner or a wet rag to clean the grill inside and out. 

Clean your Floor Registers

Just like your return air vent, floor registers tend to have dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris build up during the year.  It is a good idea during your spring cleaning to take your registers out, vacuum out any loose dirt you see laying in your ductwork and clean your registers before putting them back. 

Schedule a Professional Maintenance Check

Having your HVAC tested by a professional to ensure you have the proper refrigerant level, motor and fans are testing within the amp/voltage range and your coils are clean and free of debris will help ensure your system runs during the hottest of days.  A thorough preventive maintenance can help reduce costly repairs during the worst days.    

Need to schedule a maintenance appointment?

Maintenance Appointment

If you need to schedule your HVAC maintenance, contact us today, 1-843-353-0461.  Our HVAC technicians will come out and do a complete inspection of your system and provide you with all their findings and test data.  Giving you peace of mind that your system is ready to handle whatever temperatures mother nature sends our way during this summer!

customer review

“Friday after Thanksgiving we had a flooding toilet…upstairs. I called Dependable Service Plumbing & Air and they told me that only one plumber was working and he would try to stop at our house on his way between jobs. William the plumber showed up with a smile and a calm and professional attitude. I was so relieved. He fixed the leak and a sink too. Thankful we are for Dependable Service Plumbing & Air.” –- Samuel I.

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