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Outdoor Showers: A Must Have For Beach Life (And Everywhere Else, Too!)

Outdoor Showers: A Must Have For Beach Life (And Everywhere Else, Too!)

Outdoor showers may sound like a luxury, however, if you live in coastal, beachy areas, an outdoor shower becomes a must-have! Even if you live inland and have no idea how far away the closest beach would be, there are real-life benefits to having an outdoor shower that make life easier and cleaner!

A beach life essential: Living near the beach means enjoying sun, surf and sand whenever you like. However, as anyone who has ever been to a beach can attest, there will be sand–and LOTS of it. You will find sand everywhere. Having an outdoor shower at home allows you to wash away persistewnt sand grains and salty residue before tracking it into your home. You’ll want to make sure your outdoor shower area includes a foot shower to rinse off those sand-caked toes. And even if you don’t make it to the beach often, your outdoor shower is a great way to cool off on a hot, humid summer day without lugging sunbrellas and sun block to the shore.

Life with kids and pets essential: Even if the nearest beach is 1,000 miles away, an outdoor shower comes in handy for life with kids and pets. There are few things that kids and pets attract better than dirt. Your outdoor shower is a convenient clean-up station for the muckiest and messiest situations your children and animals can create. This means less dirt and grime tracked into the house by tiny shoes and furry feet.

Swimming pool and hot tub essential: If you have a private outdoor pool or hot tub, an outdoor shower is an investment you won’t regret. Not only can you wash away sweat and grime before jumping into your clean swimming pool or steamy hot tub oasis, but you can also wash away chemicals like chlorine without dripping your way through the house to the bathroom.

Relaxation essential: If your outdoor shower is private and blocked from prying eyes, it can be your easy ticket to a relaxing get-away in your own backyard. A rainfall showerhead, waterproof speakers playing relaxing spa music and some fragrant essential oils turn your ordinary outdoor shower into a secret spa experience you can enjoy anytime right at home.

Outdoor showers are a must-have for beach life, but even folks who live far from the coast can find an outdoor shower to be more of an essential than an extra. Ready to dream up your ideal outdoor shower? Give DS Plumbing a call!

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“I’ve used this company 3 times now, for 3 different problems and was completely satisfied each time, which is really something to say around here. Today they installed a kitchen faucet and replaced an outside hose bib which seemed to be frozen and we couldn’t get it to move. They are highly professional, answering their phones promptly and setting up an agreeable time. They were ON TIME each of the 3 times, worked efficiently, covered their shoes with protective booties, and let me charge it with Visa. The receipt with all the services performed (including any pictures that were taken) was then sent to my email. Great company.” –- Kathy D.