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The Summer Rush Is Over! 4 Hotel Plumbing Tips for the Off-Season

The Summer Rush Is Over! 4 Hotel Plumbing Tips for the Off-Season

After the summer rush is the perfect time to have expert commercial plumbing services provide the necessary maintenance, repair and updates for your hotel plumbing. If you want your hotel to be ready for the next big influx of customers during the holidays, start your plumbing repairs now. Here are a few tips:

1. Check the Water Pressure

Are most of your rooms unoccupied? If yes, it’s the perfect time for your hotel staff to check out the water pressure. Look for low water pressure in sinks and showers, as it could indicate clogged lines or leaks. Low water pressure in areas with hard water could indicate mineral build-up. It’s important to remove the build-up from the pipes and faucets during maintenance.

2. Look for Any Leaks

Leaks may show themselves as wet patches of carpet, dripping under the sink, or staining on the walls and ceilings. Leaks are a fast way to make a hotel look old and poorly maintained, so it’s worth it to take the time to hire a professional for leak detection. At the same time, you may want to fix any dripping faucets, as that will lead to excess water usage over time.

3. Upgrade to Increase Efficiency

If you’re thinking about switching to high-efficiency toilets, shower heads, or faucets, now is the time. High-efficiency units will save you money by using less water and will also be better for the environment.

4. Maintain Your Water Heaters

With normal use, you should drain a water heater at least once a year. The water heaters at a hotel are likely to experience more use and abuse. Maintain your water heaters during the off-season to improve performance. It’s also a great time to consider switching to more efficient, environmentally-friendly models.

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