Learn How to Detect a Gas Leak in Your Outdoor Fire-pit, Fireplace or Grill


Gas leaks are scary and dangerous but understanding what to look for and when to call an expert can help you!

Natural gas and propane are the most widely used fossil fuels for outdoor firepits, fireplaces, and grills.  Both natural gas and propane are highly combustible, thus, a small leak can increase the risk of fire and explosion since the gas spreads quickly and easily goes up in flames.  Learning what to look for can help you prevent fires and problems with your outdoor living spaces. 

Looking for signs of Air

A gas or propane leak can cause plants or dirt to be blown around as though there is a slight breeze blowing.  If you see air coming from the ground, especially if it is near your outdoor firepits, fireplaces or grills, this is a possible sign of a leak in your piping and you should contact an expert immediately to do a complete inspection and repair. 


A leak in a pipe carrying gas, can sometimes cause bubbling in moist areas, rain or standing water near the leak.  It is good to check around your gas lines when there is water around as it can make detecting a gas leak easier.  

Dying Plant Life

If there is a gas leak, plants near the leak will become sickly and eventually die.  While plants can die from a variety of causes, if gas lines are running below or near the plants, and they die with no obvious cause, this could be indication of a leak.  If you see dead or discolored plants surrounded by healthy green plants, that could be a sign of a gas leak. 

Know when to call the experts

If you suspect or see air moving, bubbles or dead plants near your outdoor gas lines, it is time to call a Plumbing Pro to complete a thorough inspection of your gas lines.  The Pros at Dependable Service Plumbing & Air can inspect and repair any leaking gas lines for your outdoor fire-pits, fireplaces and grills.  Contact us today at 1-843-353-0461 to keep your outdoor living space is free of gas leaks!

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“Patty and I highly recommend Dependable Service Plumbing & Air for any home renovation, repair, or construction-based need. Dependable Service Plumbing & Air was efficient with professional service, quality care, and utmost attention to our personal needs. We are extremely pleased with Dave Sodano’s personal attention to our many requests and will continue to use this service for years to come.” –- Gene and Patty M.

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