Learn How Winterizing Your Home’s Plumbing Can Help Prevent Costly Repairs


You can prevent your outdoor faucets, showers, etc. from freezing during the winter months.

During the winter months, our temperatures often dip below freezing from time to time which can leave outdoor faucets and pipes at risk for bursting.  It is best to winterize your plumbing fixtures so you do not have costly repairs due to freezing weather. 

Outdoor Winterization Steps

It is very important to winterize all your outdoor faucets/fixtures before the freezing temps arrive.  By following a few steps you can save yourself money on costly repairs.

  1. Remove all hoses from outdoor faucets, drain the water out of the hose and store it away for the winter.
  2. If your outdoor faucets/fixtures have an emergency shut-off valve, turn it off and then bleed the lines by turning the faucet on.  Once the water stops flowing from the faucet, turn the faucet off.
  3. If your outdoor faucets/fixtures do not have a separate emergency shut-off valve, wrap all exposed pipe with insulated wrap for plumbing.  Do not use towels, newspaper or clothing, this may not work. 
  4. Cover your outdoor faucet with a foam faucet cover.
  5. If you have a sprinkler system for your yard and landscaping, you will want to turn off the emergency shut-off valve for your system and bleed the lines by turning on your system until water no longer comes out of the sprinkler heads. 

Winterizing your plumbing is an important step before the cold arrrives.

red pipe that is frozen in the middle of winter
red frozen metal bar

During the winter months, our temperatures can dip below freezing which can lead to outdoor pipes and faucets to freeze and burst.  If you need help to winterize your outdoor plumbing fixtures, contact the Pros at Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, 843-353-0461.  Our licensed plumbing technicians will be happy to help winterize your outdoor faucets/fixtures today!

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