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Is There a Water Leak in My Home?

Is There a Water Leak in My Home?

When you own a home, repairs and fixes are a part of life. In most cases, the faster you recognize a problem and take steps to address it, the less costly the repairs. This is especially true when it comes to water leaks, and not all water leaks are obvious. Some leaks may be hidden behind walls or may start off slow but quickly become a big problem. Here are a few clues to look for if you think you may have a water leak in your home.

  • Increases in your water bill that don’t have an alternate explanation If you’ve just started a garden or recently installed a sprinkler system, an increase in your water bill makes sense. When noticeable increases show up on your bill and you haven’t turned part of your yard into a strawberry patch, a leak may be responsible.
  • Sudden loss of water pressure A sudden loss of water pressure can have several causes like a break in the water main that supplies several homes with water, frozen pipes, or a major water leak inside your home. If you are certain there are no frozen pipes, it is a good common sense precaution to turn off your home’s water main until the cause is found.
  • Sound of running water behind walls If no water is being used in the home and you hear running water behind a wall, you may have a leak. Look for damp spots on the floor or areas where the wall feels colder or hotter than the other wall space in the room. These could all be signs of a serious leak where you can’t see it.
  • Water meter changes after water shut off A way to check for a water leak in your home is to turn off the main water valve to your home, then write down the reading on your water meter. Wait ten minutes and check the reading on the water meter. If it has changed within those ten minutes, the chances are you may have a fast or large leak or burst pipe. If it has not changed, leave the water turned off to the home for an hour and then check the meter again. If the reading on the meter has changed during that hour, you may have a slow leak in the home. If there is no change in the reading, you may be in the clear.
  • Toilet runs or sounds as if the tank is refilling when it hasn’t been used Toilet leaks are some of the most common leaks in the home. To check if you have a toilet leak, add several drops of food coloring inside the holding tank. Wait ten minutes and check inside the bowl. If you see food coloring in the bowl, you likely have a leaky toilet.

Wondering if you have a water leak doesn’t need to keep you awake at night! Checking for these common signs of water leaks can give you peace of mind or let you know it’s time to call your plumbing technician at DS Plumbing to help you remedy a potential leak before it becomes a big problem!

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