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If you constantly run out of hot water, or you know your water heater is old and inefficient, then it’s time to find a replacement. Fortunately, you won’t have to look too hard when you enlist the help of Dependable Service.

When it’s time to install a new water heater, Dependable Service can assess your water usage and then help you choose a unit with the right capacity for your needs. We’re able to install a wide range of brands and styles, including energy-efficient models that can result in significant energy savings.

Water Heater Options

Water heaters come in a few basic styles, but there is wide variation in their size, capacity, and energy usage. Depending on your needs and the space and fuel you have available, one style may clearly be a better choice for you.

We can help you choose from the following types of water heaters:

  • Storage tank heaters are a widely-used style that keeps a supply of hot water on hand. These can be fueled by electricity or gas. Gas heaters generally have lower fuel costs, but require special components to contain or vent combustion byproducts.
  • Tankless water heaters take up less space than traditional water heaters. They range in size from point-of-use heaters associated with particular rooms or appliances to whole-home models.
  • Heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid water heaters, are similar to refrigerators in that they move existing heat rather than generate new heat. While highly energy-efficient, these heaters work best in a location that stays above 40 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Some water heaters can be integrated to provide home heating, as well. Ask us if this option is right for your home!

Trusted Myrtle Beach Water Heater Installation

When your water heater needs to be replaced, count on a local company known for their care for customers and excellent work: Dependable Service. We’ll make sure your family has hot water again in no time.

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