Stay Cozy! Learn How Flushing Your Water Heater Can Help

Stay Cozy! Learn How Flushing Your Water Heater Can Help

Is flushing water heaters a thing? If you aren’t sure about the answer to that question, chances are excellent that your water heater needs a proper flushing! The process of a water heater flush involves a professional plumber draining the tank of water, which removes of any sediment that has accumulated in the tank.

What Is the Sediment in a Water Heater?

These particles result from naturally-occurring minerals in water whether it comes from a well or municipal sources. When the particles do not dissolve, it becomes a sand-like substance that settles in the bottom of the tank.

Why Should You Flush the Water and Sediment?

Sediment in a water heater can cause problems for your system including:

  • Noisiness: sediment causes the heater to make knocking or popping noises due to overheated water jostling the sediment against the tank
  • Inefficiency: sediment decreases your water heater’s performance over time; it can also lead to discolored water
  • Shorter life span: the wear and tear on your water heater increases significantly when there is too much sediment; the particles lead to overheating, which damages the tank’s linking and the tank must work harder and use more energy to do its job. All of this excessive work can decrease the life span of your water heater.

Turn to Dependable Service for Flushing Services

If you have hard water, you may require a water heater flush twice per year, although most homes only require a flush once per year to avoid problems. You can count on our team of plumbing experts at Dependable Service to perform the water heater flushing your tank needs. Connect with us online now to schedule service.

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