Amber Ruppert

Marketing Director

Amber Ruppert

With the family feel at Dependable Service, Amber flourishes in her work. When she isn’t working, you can find her hanging out on the beach, spending time with her family, helping others, and just enjoying the great outdoors. She could not live without her family, her peace of mind through God’s presence, or her four-legged fur babies!


  • What advice would you tell your 20-year old self? Don’t take life so seriously, relax, God’s got you
  • Finish this sentence: Life is… too short to stay mad, enjoy everyone and everything around you.


customer review

“We had an outstanding experience with Dependable Service Plumbing & Air in our remodeling of our master bathroom. In addition to their exceptional work, they were very concientious in their clean-up to include the cleaning of our hardwood floors while on their hands and knees. They arrived when we were told to expect them. They made it a point to ask us if their work was completed the way we wanted. We greatly appreciated their professionalism.” –- Theresa G.

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