Plumbing Replacement in Georgetown, SC 29440

“Richard was very professional and kept me informed on what was going on. He invited me to ask as many questions as I needed. He was polite and had a lot of patience, he came in to a bad job and went with it with no problems. He tried not to make any cuts in my walls that he did not need to. I had a water line bust under my slab, He came an ran new plumbing for me up the wall into the attic and then down to feed on the taps in the house. I got a new hot water heater and he made sure I liked the placement he checked with me on everything and so he knew I would be happy. He got me water as fast as he could because he hated the fact we had none. Thank you Richard it was a pleasure to have you do my work. Dependable Service has a great bunch of people working for them. There were 2 different guys that worked with him 1 was on the first day and the other was the last 2 days. They worked as a team and worked really well together.”

– Debra R.