Toilets & Drains, How to Maintain Proper Flow?

Toilet Paper

Knowing what you should and should NOT put down your drains can help you prevent clogs!

Today we are all facing things we have not faced before.  And we understand how uncertainty can cause concerns about many things, people and events in your life.  We want to help reduce uncertainties by providing you with several simple guidelines that can help prevent your drains from backing up.  These guidelines can help your family and customers stay comfortable in your home and business. 

What not to flush down your toilets

Right now many of us are scrambling to find one of the most basic products we use every day, toilet paper.  However, replacing toilet paper with other items can cause issues with your plumbing system.  Here is a list of items you should NOT flush down your toilet:

  1. Flushable or regular baby wipes
  2. Paper Towels
  3. Tissues
  4. Napkins

Why other items should not be flushed

Toilet paper is designed to breakdown, or disintegrate, as fast as possible when it becomes submerged in water.  Other products are not designed with this as the goal.  There is one simple test that can demonstrate this, try the following:

  1. Take a piece of toilet paper in your hand and add water to it
  2. Rub the toilet paper on your arm, counter or another surface
  3. Watch what happens to it, it starts to breakdown and fall apart
  4. Repeat this with other products you may potentially use in the bathroom (paper towel, tissue, flushable wipes, etc)

Notice the toilet paper begins breaking down while other products hold up and do not fall apart.  Based on their design and material, other paper products can become stuck in your drainage pipes, causing a clog in your plumbing. 

What can you do with other materials

If you plan on using these items or have to use these items based on your situation, it is best to create a separate disposal for them.  You should actually treat these items like diapers.  Have a separate garbage bin for them and place them in the trash.  This method of disposal will save your plumbing system, and you, an unexpected blocked drain expense. 

Have a clog and need Help?


If you have a backup and need our help, contact us today, 1-843-353-0461.  Our Plumbing technicians have a variety of different tools and techniques that can help them unclog the hardest to remove blockage.  We are available 24/7 and our techs are taking extra precautions before, during and after being in your home.

customer review

“I own a service company and I can say with irrefutable certainty that Dependable Service Plumbing & Air has it locked up when it comes to client satisfaction. I had a waste line clog and back up into the shower. It was nauseating. Keith showed up quick and jumped right in,, not literally, knew exactly what needed to be done, and followed through with a professionalism all us service companies should strive to have in our representatives.” –- Jr. Cali

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