What’s in Your Water?


Do you know where your water comes from and what is really in it?

Most people do not worry about the water that comes from your faucet, unless there is a boil water advisory issued.  Water is typically safe for you to use and drink as there are strict guidelines for clean drinking water.  However, the process for making water safe to drink can often times leave it full of chemicals.   

Water Supply Processing

Water is typically pulled from rivers and streams (Most of the Grand Strand water supply comes from the Great Pee Dee watershed or the Inter-Coastal waterway) into water treatment plants, where organisms which are harmful to human health are removed or destroyed.  This is done by using disinfectants called chloramine and chlorine as well as a variety of filtration processes. The disinfection process can be complicated because certain microbial pathogens are highly resistant to traditional disinfection processes.  In addition, the disinfectants themselves can react with naturally-occurring materials in the water to form byproducts such as trihalomethanes and halo acetic acids (both have demonstrated carcinogenic activity in laboratory animals according to the EPA). 

How to Improve Your Water Quality

Installing a whole home water purification system can help you and your home’s plumbing system.  A Halo 5 water treatment system is a water filtration and conditioning system.  It has 4 different filtration stages which helps remove chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, and so much more.  In addition, it has a water conditioning system which helps prevent hard water build-up throughout your entire plumbing system.  The Halo 5 does not require any maintenance for 10 years and leaves you with fresh water throughout your entire house. 

water quality

Want Clean, Fresh, Chorline FREE Water Today!

If you are ready to have pure water throughout your home, contact the Pros at Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, 843-353-0461.  Our licensed plumbing technicians will be happy to provide you options and help you get the water you deserve!

customer review

“Dependable Service Plumbing & Air sent a pressure washing company out to clean my entire driveway, when only three small spots were unintentionally put on the corner of my driveway when my neighbor was having a replacement water heater installed. Tommy, the owner of Dependable Service Plumbing & Air, came out to look at my driveway right away, and he had Winston out to clean not only the spots off, but my entire driveway, including my front porch. Winston was very professional, as he explained the difference in concrete between my driveway and my front porch. He also explained the reason for some bad rust stains that were there as a result of metal objects that were mixed into my driveway concrete by my builder. He did an excellent job on everything, and my driveway is now clean enough to have it coated with a light concrete paint (two coats) that I had already contracted out to have done. Caretaker Services Pressure Washing did such a good job of cleaning (about 2,200 lbs. pressure on my driveway & about 400 lbs on my front porch with a household cleaner first) that my coating contractor told me that what is left of my rust stains will all be covered over by the light colored paint. I am very pleased, as he gave me a great education along with a great cleaning job! Also, I will now use Dependable Service Plumbing & Air as my plumber for all my future plumbing needs, as they did a great job for my neighbor!” –- Bill B.

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