Why does your HVAC unit have a hard time keeping up when it’s 100 outside?

why does your hvac unit have a hard time keeping up when its 100 outside

Understanding why triple digit temperatures are hard on your HVAC unit!

When temperatures are high outside, your HVAC unit may have a difficult time keeping your home comfortable.  If your unit struggles to keep the set temperature during the hottest part of the day, but recovers during the night your unit may not have any issues.  However, here are some HVAC issues that may be causing your air conditioner to struggle to keep you cool in the Dog Days of Summer. 

1. Your System is Older and may not be working as Efficiently as it has in the past

If your AC system is 8+ years old and has not been serviced, the system may not be running as efficiently as it has in the past.  There are many issues that could be causing your AC unit struggling to keep up.  It could be low on refrigerant, have dirty coils, fan belts that have worn, etc.  All of these issues can be detected by having an HVAC company come out and complete a thorough inspection and service to improve your units’ functionality.   

2. Poorly insulated ductwork

Ductwork is your home’s artery network and supplies the air you live in.  Having properly insulated ductwork allows the air within the network to stay at desired temperatures, reducing the stress on the AC unit.  The insulation also helps prevent air leakage from the ductwork.  Together, the cooler air in the ducts and the inability of the air to escape the system, helps your AC unit perform as it should.  Ductwork insulation can help reduce the demand on your AC unit when it is fighting to keep you cool.

3. Poor airflow

Air conditioning systems are designed to function when they have the proper airflow into and out of the system.  If the airflow is being negatively affected by something in the system, it can cause your AC unit to struggle and make your home warmer than you would like.  The most common issues with air flow are:

  • Bent, pinched or otherwise restricted ducts
  • Dirty air filters blocking the air from getting into the system
  • Vents or registers that are blocked by furniture or pictures
  • Obstructed condenser units from outdoor yard waste, bushes, etc.

If you replace your dirty air filter, ensure all vents/registers are free from blockage and clean out around your condenser unit but still have a warm house, it may be time to call HVAC Pros to inspect your system and diagnose the root cause to your struggling unit. 

Air Conditioning Repair by the Pros

When the “Dog Days of Summer” start affecting your home’s comfort level, it may be time to call the Air Conditioning Repair team at Dependable Service Plumbing and Air.  The pros at Dependable Service Plumbing and Air can perform a thorough inspection of your system and find the root cause of the issue.  Contact us today so we can keep your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible.

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