Water Filtration

Numerous reports over the course of the past few years have indicated what’s possibly found in your tap water. Tap water may contain high levels of lead or chlorine, while underground water often becomes a breeding ground for parasites. Unfortunately, even bottled water isn’t as safe as once thought. However, if you have a water filtration system, you know the water you and your family or your employees drink will be safe as long as you regularly change filters and/or have it serviced when necessary.


Standard tap water contains chemicals used to remove parasites and other harmful matter from water. Also, chlorine is one of these chemicals, and this particular substance has a distinctive taste. Because a filter removes the chlorine, it provides you with water that tastes better than standard tap water. So, your water may still have bacteria, debris or other microscopic particles, especially if you have well water.

A water filter will remove these imperfections, preventing you from consuming them. A water filter is also cheaper than purchasing bottled water.


Dependable Service offers only the best products to our customers, which is why we exclusively offer Halo Water Systems. Furthermore, for over 50 years, Halo has been recognized as the most reliable maintenance free option for clean water. Unlike most water treatment solutions, Halo does not use salt or other chemicals in their process. Instead, Halo uses an innovative magnetic process that converts dissolved calcium into calcium crystals. In result, prevents scaling and corrosion in your pipes.

With a reputation for premium grade NSF certified products, Halo provides solutions for any home or business’ needs:

  • Premium Whole House Water Quality – This 10-year maintenance free option provides crystal clear, great tasting water throughout the entire home. Effectively removing chlorine and sediment with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Ultimate Ultraviolet Disinfection – Eliminate potential threats from chlorine resistant bacteria without the use of chemicals, creating natural and safe water.
  • Ultimate Drinking Water Quality – This 5 stage reverse osmosis purification system allows you to enjoy the purest water with the ideal pH balance.
  • Compact Whole House Dual Stage Filtration – Effectively filter out unwanted sediment and carbon without the need for electricity or drainage.
  • Halo ION Protection – Protect your entire home from hard water damage, scale and corrosion with this state of the art system.
  • Ion Boost – Provide optimized hard water protection to larger water heaters and recirculating systems to extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Visit Halo’s website to learn more about how Halo water filtrations can improve the quality of your water!



A water filtration system works by either trapping, absorbing or altering harmful particles. The medium the water passes through is a mesh-like filter or strainer. In other cases, the filtration system takes in the contaminants via tiny pores. Each filtration comes with a rating that indicates how small the particles are that the filter takes in.

A sediment filter has fine holes that reduce particles and dirt. Generally, you’ll need to change these filters once or twice per year. You may opt for an activated carbon filter, which effectively removes contaminants that have the potential to change the odor, taste or color of your tap water. This type of filter removes the chlorine and anything chlorine leaves behind. A ceramic filter eliminates sediment, parasites and bacteria. The size of the material filtered determines the level of contaminants that remain in the water. Another option is a reverse osmosis filter. This separates particles using a barrier that only allows the water to pass through.

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