How to Deal With a Bad Plumbing Experience

A confused plumber shrugging while holding a pipe

It was late on Sunday afternoon. Water was cascading out from under the kitchen sink. You dove for the yellow pages and hired the first plumber who said “I can be there in half an hour…”

Now it’s Sunday evening.

He’s temporarily stopped the leak, you’ve been warned “Don’t use the sink until I come back with the right part…probably tomorrow afternoon, but Monday is our busiest day, so maybe not…”

Your plumber waits to receive payment and then heads home to his house with a kitchen sink that works.

Too many of us face problems like this all the time. We hire a plumber only to discover later that the work they performed doesn’t exactly hold up to our expectations. What can you do, right?

Unfortunately, the facts are:

  • You do owe the plumber for the services rendered, whether or not the problem was resolved completely. His time at least must be paid for, as well as any parts he provided.
  • You did not request a written estimate prior to the plumber beginning work, so you have no idea (or proof) what the problem actually entailed, nor the cost of all those extra services bundled into this bill.
  • You did not ask if the plumber was licensed or insured, or for any references. In fact, you didn’t really ask anything after he said he’d be right over.

We’ve all run into a bad plumbing experience at some point or another in our lives. We’re left with an unresolved issue and bitterness because the job wasn’t done right the first time.

If you’ve found yourself in this type of situation, here are some tips on how to move forward:

  • Do some research and hire someone new and trustworthy to finish the repairs. You are not required to have the same plumber complete the repair, as you signed nothing agreeing to do so. Take some time to ask some questions and reach out to a reputable and dependable plumbing company.
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