At Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, we have been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) news and our goal is to protect you and your family while providing you with high-quality service.

To ensure the safety of our customers, our team is taking extra precautions and has implemented new rules to help keep you and our employees safe.

At Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, we are taking the following steps to give you peace of mind when having our technicians in your home.


To prevent any contamination, our technicians will be wearing extra protection that includes:

  • Shoe Booties: We will wear shoe booties at all times when we are in customer’s home.
  • Masks: We will wear masks as needed or requested by our customers. Feel free to ask any employee at any time to wear a mask.
  • Gloves: we will wear gloves throughout the entire service call.


To prevent any cross-contamination, the team at Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, our technicians will be not be shaking hands. Also, we will be conducting thorough surface cleaning with a disinfectant spray prior to starting any plumbing or air service, as well as thorough cleaning after all work is completed.


In addition to the protective measures, our customer service group will also be asking several pro-active questions to ensure our techs are prepared for a situation they may face.

At Dependable Service Plumbing and Air, we offer a variety of products to make your home a healthy home. By improving the airflow and the number of particles in your home with an Indoor Air Quality to a Water Filtration system to keep your water pure and clean, we can help!

We are here for you and our community, together we will weather this storm. If there is anything we do to help you with plumbing or air services, please contact us anytime. We are available 24/7.

customer review

“Friday after Thanksgiving we had a flooding toilet…upstairs. I called Dependable Service Plumbing & Air and they told me that only one plumber was working and he would try to stop at our house on his way between jobs. William the plumber showed up with a smile and a calm and professional attitude. I was so relieved. He fixed the leak and a sink too. Thankful we are for Dependable Service Plumbing & Air.” –- Samuel I.

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