Notice an Odd Smell? the Answer May Be Shocking!

A woman plugging her nose in disgust

Watch out for frozen pipes and other common winter mishaps. Frozen pipes are among the most common winter plumbing problems, but they aren’t the only trouble dropping temperatures cause. Keep an eye – and nostril – open for signs of pending damages. Get in touch with a trusted plumbing company whenever you notice a red flag, so we can solve your problems before they lead to the biggest bills.

Here are some common smelly plumbing issues:


Mold isn’t just an ugly nuisance. Depending on the variety, spores can release neurotoxins into your indoor air. Mold has been linked to all kinds of illnesses, from heart arrhythmia to cancer. It’s nothing to mess around with, so be on the lookout for leaky pipes whenever you catch a whiff of that moist, mildew smell.


Does your municipal or well water throw a diferous fit during changing seasons? This can be completely normal for your area, but it’s always a good idea to have a professional confirm the problem. Even when these changes are safe, a technician can help you find a way to improve the taste or the smell of the water in your home.


Along with frozen pipes comes the threat of a broken sewage line. If you can sniff a sewer-like smell around the outside of your home, you might have a serious problem. Spilled sewage contains bacteria and quickly contaminates groundwater. It’s essential for you to call a professional immediately to assess and solve any potential sewer line or septic tank leaks.

Frozen pipes aren’t the only plumbing issues to watch out for in cold weather. Get in touch with our friendly experts at Dependable Service to learn more about your winter risks.