3 Point Plumbing Checklist When Buying A House

3 Point Plumbing Checklist When Buying A House

A basic home inspection doesn’t look at plumbing services. They’re handled similarly to the roof. You’re expected to call in a specialist. Some buyers don’t want to wait – or rock the boat – during a bidding war, but remember, you can mention the need for inspection and present your bid before having the work performed.

Follow these three simple steps to make the inspection as easy as possible:

1. Include a plumbing inspection in your purchase offer

In the United States, buyers often feel rushed to put in a bid as soon as they find a home they like. This differs greatly from other countries where buyers might visit a property multiple times and have inspections performed before submitting an offer. Therefore, it’s common for contracts to include wording nullifying the agreed-upon price if problems crop up during an inspection. Be sure to specify any and all inspections, just in case your plumber uncovers a need for expensive repairs.

2. Contract a reputable plumber for the job

Your realtor will most likely give you a few different referrals for a plumbing company you can choose. Make sure the plumber you hire for a pre-purchase inspection has a history of performing reliable work. Check Google and the Better Business Bureau for reviews.

3. Enroll in a preventive maintenance plan

Plumbers offer discounts and prioritized service to home and business owners who join a maintenance plan, such as John’s Loyalty Club. For an affordable rate, you receive a thorough yearly inspection and water heater flush, along with extra benefits.

Ensure the plumbing services work perfectly in your next home and keep things running smoothly with help from Dependable Service Plumbing. Call (843) 353-0461 and speak to a member of our trusted staff today.

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